Becoming a Runner - Fiction (Grade 6)

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Becoming a Runner - Fiction

Nicholas shook his head and wished he could tape his eyelids open without anyone noticing - and without it being really uncomfortable. He chuckled at how odd he would look with tape all over his face, and then fought back another yawn. He loved Mrs. McDaniel's class and learning about history, but today he struggled to stay awake.

"Nic, please stay for a moment after class," Mrs. McDaniel requested as the bell rang. Nicholas had a good idea why she wanted to talk to him.

"I'm worried about you," she said once everyone else had left. "You are a terrific student, and you have always paid attention in class, but lately you seem to be tired all the time. Is everything okay?"

Nicholas appreciated his teacher's concern, and he agreed with her. He felt exhausted almost every single day and did not know why.

"Have you been doing anything differently lately?" asked Mrs. McDaniel, and Nicholas thought for a few moments. He had been going to school every day, as usual, and he had not changed his sleep schedule. Wait a minute! He had joined the track team three weeks ago, and now he spent a couple of hours a day practicing.

"Did you change your diet change once you started running every day?" Mrs. McDaniel asked.

Nicholas thought for another moment, and then shook his head. He still had breakfast, lunch and dinner each day.

"You are using up a lot of extra calories, Nic," she explained. You need to eat more to make up for it - and it has to be healthy food - not sodas and fast food," she added.

Nicholas nodded and promised to go straight home for a snack - and maybe a nap too!
What did Nicholas need to do in order to solve his problem?
  1. Quit the track team
  2. Eat regular meals
  3. Pay more attention
  4. Increase his daily calories
Why was Nicholas feeling so tired?
  1. He had eaten less so he could run faster.
  2. He was burning more calories than he was eating.
  3. He was not eating three regular meals each day.
  4. He was only eating fast food and drinking sodas.
What was the main reason Mrs. McDaniel asked Nicholas to stay after class?
  1. She was worried that his grades were dropping.
  2. She noticed he was not paying attention to her anymore.
  3. She had recognized that he was struggling for some reason.
  4. She wanted to know how he was doing so far on the track team.

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