The Job Search - Fiction (Grades 11-12)

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The Job Search - Fiction

Tabitha opened the newspaper and spread it across the length of the kitchen table in what had become a morning routine. Job searching was not necessarily pleasant, but it was almost mandatory at this point. Despite the bleak unemployment rate in her city, Tabitha was determined to get a jump on finding a part-time summer job, so she spent each morning reading through columns of classified ads. All of her friends did their job searching online, so Tabitha hoped that by going the old-fashioned route, she might find hidden opportunities.

As she read through ads and considered the responsibilities, paycheck and hours that went with each potential job, she could not help but think about the advice her Aunt Sarah had given her last week.

"Stop perusing those newspaper ads," she had recommended, "and just go into business for yourself. You are an incredible musician and you could make a decent amount by spending your summer teaching other kids how to play the piano or the guitar."

Tabitha had to admit the idea of self-employment had its appeal. She spent a lot of time weighing the pros and cons of having her own business opposed to working for someone else. If she spent the summer teaching music lessons, she could largely determine her daily schedule, charge the rates she deemed appropriate, wear regular clothes instead of a uniform, and take on as many -”or as few- students as she wanted. On the other hand, having a regular job meant a regular paycheck, rather than one that might vary significantly depending on the number of students she might - or might not -get. Making the choice between the two options was challenging, but Tabitha had to admit that not looking through the ads every morning would be a definite pro!
Which benefit do both types of work share?
  1. They would allow Tabitha to practice her music skills.
  2. They would not require Tabitha to wear a uniform.
  3. They would provide Tabitha with more free time.
  4. They would put an end to reading the want ads.
What is one of the main reasons Tabitha is worried about teaching music?
  1. Not finding enough students
  2. Not getting a regular paycheck
  3. Not having enough free time over the summer
  4. Not being able to set her own daily schedule
What issue is this story comparing?
  1. Whether or not to get a summer job
  2. Whether online ads or newspaper ads are more effective
  3. Whether it is better work for someone or be self-employed
  4. Whether it is more fun to play the piano or the guitar

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