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Emoji Changing Language (Grades 11-12)

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Emoji Changing Language

Today, it is possible to send a message without even using a single word.
  1. True
  2. False
Which word is NOT another term for EMOJI?
  1. icon
  2. pictograph
  3. syllable
  4. symbol
Which form of writing from history is most similar to emojis?
  1. the Latin alphabet
  2. Egyptian hieroglyphics
  3. old English
  4. Chinese phoenetic writing
Emojis are also frequently called emoticons. Both words are derived from the common word                     .

Which part of speech are emojis like the one above most likely to replace?
  1. nouns
  2. verbs
  3. adjectives
  4. conjunctions
Baby animals are so cute!

When someone posts a sentence like the one above, why do they likely add the emojis at the end?
  1. to make the sentence more exciting
  2. to connect similar ideas
  3. to suggest they love cats
  4. to improve understanding
How have emojis changed the way you write and communicate with others?

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