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Halloween Fill in the Blank Story (Grade 4)

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Halloween Fill in the Blank Story

Halloween - Ghost

Fill in the blanks to create your own spooky Halloween story.

It was a                 and                 night. The children had just put on their                 and were headed

out to                . Just as they were about to leave, there was a                 at the                .

The children                . They hadn't been expecting anyone. Then the                 of the house started to

open slowly. The children                 again. Who or what was coming in the                ?

The children decided they didn't want to find out. They                 out the                ,

but the                 followed them calling out "               !"

When they heard the                 call out, the children                . Then they started                .

It was just                 in a costume. Accompanied by their                , the children headed out to

go                .

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