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Understanding Idioms (Grade 8)

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Understanding Idioms

Read the sentence below.

"I'm really behind with my project. Can you help me? I'm afraid I "bit off more than I could chew."

Based on the sentence, the reader can determine that the idiom "bit off more than I could chew" means which of the following?
  1. Took in more than a mouth full of food.
  2. Ate like a glutton.
  3. The project required more than one person to complete it.
  4. The project was like small bites of food.
Read the sentence below.

Ray knew his dad was not likely to help Ray pay to get his car fixed, so he was not surprised when his dad said, "I'll help you when pigs fly."

What does the idiom WHEN PIGS FLY mean?
  1. soon
  2. never
  3. maybe
  4. always
Read the sentences below.

John looks sleepy this morning. Why is he so tired? He had forgotten that he had a big report to write for his social studies class. The report is due today, and John had wanted to give his best effort to the assignment. With his deadline approaching, he had burned the midnight oil.

What does the idiom BURN THE MIDNIGHT OIL mean?
  1. Rested to little
  2. Worked too late at night
  3. Wasted a lot of energy
  4. Stressed out over assignments
Read the sentences below.

Everyone was so happy when the bullies were expelled, but it was just icing on the cake when we found out that they had to repeat their eighth grade year! Serves them right.

What does the idiom ICING ON THE CAKE mean?
  1. A sweet substance used to cover a cake
  2. Something that makes a good situation even better
  3. A horrible piece of news
  4. Something that hurts someone else
Read the sentences below.

Two weeks ago on Saturday, my friend Justin and I were biking along Riverside Trail when all at once Justin shouted, "There's something sparkling under those bushes."

What does the idiom ALL AT ONCE mean?
  1. fearfully
  2. happily
  3. loudly
  4. suddenly
Read the sentence below.

I did very well on the test, even though I didn't crack a book to study until the night before.

What does the idiom CRACK A BOOK mean?
  1. Close a book
  2. Break a book
  3. Open a book
  4. Lose a book
Read the sentences below.

That stupid laugh of hers can absolutely drive everyone up the wall. We can't stand it!

What does the idiom DRIVE UP THE WALL mean?
  1. Make crazy
  2. Make happy
  3. Make sad
  4. Make a car drive vertically up a wall
Read the sentence below.

Several students in the fourth grade are in hot water after cheating on their spelling test.

What does the idiom IN HOT WATER mean?
  1. Made good choices
  2. Are smart
  3. Are in trouble
  4. Were absent
Read the sentences below.

Today has been a great day. I met all of my goals. I married the love of my life. I feel like I'm on top of the world.

What does the idiom ON TOP OF THE WORLD mean?
  1. Someone is very happy.
  2. Someone is not feeling good about something.
  3. Someone is worried about tomorrow.
  4. Someone is not sure what they should do next.
Read the sentence below.

When Joe stopped stealing from his mother and started stealing from stores, he jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire.

What does the idiom OUT OF THE FRYING PAN AND INTO THE FIRE mean?
  1. to get out of one bad place and into a worse one
  2. to find something that one enjoys doing daily
  3. to learn how to improve upon one's special skills
  4. to do something today instead of waiting around

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