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Erosion (Grade 8)

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Weathering must take place                 erosion.
  1. before
  2. after
A major erosional agent in many areas with limited precipitation and high temperatures is                .
  1. wind
  2. rivers
  3. humans
  4. glaciers
This type of erosion creates small channels of running water on the side of a slope.
  1. gully erosion
  2. wave erosion
  3. rill erosion
  4. tributary erosion
Erosion makes beaches smaller because it
  1. carries sand and sediment away from the shore.
  2. deposits sand and sediment near the shore.
  3. breaks up sediment into smaller pieces.
  4. fills the ocean with sand and sediment.
Which of the following reduces erosive effects of soil in a rainy climate?
  1. Acidity of rain water
  2. Thick vegetation
  3. Burrowing animals
  4. Little vegetation
The collision of India and Asia that formed the Himalayas is still colliding today, causing the mountain range to continue to rise. What keeps the mountain from getting too big?
  1. erosion
  2. volcanism
  3. deposition
  4. plate tectonics
Erosion can be caused by which of the following? Select all that apply.
  1. wind
  2. water
  3. ice
  4. gravitational pull
Human activities that remove plants covering the soil cause soil erosion to
  1. decrease.
  2. increase.
  3. increase briefly, then stop.
  4. stay the same.
Which term refers to the movement of weathered material down a slope under the influence of gravity?
  1. frost shattering
  2. mechanical weathering
  3. exfoliation
  4. mass wasting
  5. erosion
A large, scratched boulder is found in a mixture of unsorted smaller sediments forming hills in central New York state. Which agent of erosion most likely transported and the deposited this boulder?
  1. running water
  2. ocean waves
  3. glacier
  4. wind
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