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A Christmas Carol - Stave Five (Grade 6)

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A Christmas Carol - Stave Five

Read Stave Five from "A Christmas Carol" and answer the questions.
Characters often change during a story. When he woke up, how had Scrooge changed?
  1. He was more miserly than before.
  2. He decided not to work as hard.
  3. His spirit was much happier and ready to do good.
  4. His home was much smaller and he was content with less.
A simile is a comparison that uses "like" or "as". Which is NOT an example of a simile the author uses to describe Scrooge in this stave?
  1. light as a feather
  2. happy as an angel
  3. merry as a schoolboy
  4. angry as a mad hen
Why doesn't Scrooge know what day it is?
  1. His calendar was missing.
  2. The spirits had confused him.
  3. His clerk was off work.
  4. The sun was not shining.
How long did it take all of the spirits to visit Scrooge?
  1. one hour
  2. one night
  3. three days
  4. three years
What was the first kind act Scrooge did?
  1. He called his mother and invited her to dinner.
  2. He bought a turkey for the Cratchits.
  3. He took presents to an orphanage.
  4. He visited Marley's grave.
When Scrooge walked along the streets, people greeted him with smiles and said, "Merry Christmas". How did this make Scrooge feel?
  1. angry
  2. nervous
  3. happy
  4. odd
Scrooge went to Fred's house for dinner. Who was Fred?
  1. Scrooge's business partner
  2. Scrooge's nephew
  3. Scrooge's clerk
  4. Scrooge's neighbor
When Bob Cratchit arrived at work late the day after Christmas, Scrooge growled at him. Why did he do that?
  1. to trick him
  2. to make him work harder
  3. to fire him
  4. to show him who was boss
What was one way Scrooge's change in behavior altered the future?
  1. Tiny Tim did not die.
  2. Scrooge's nephew took him in.
  3. Marley went to a better place.
  4. People made fun of Scrooge.
Theme is a message the author shares about life. What is one theme of "A Christmas Carol"?
  1. Both the poor and wealthy can get along.
  2. The way you treat others has a big impact on the future.
  3. As long as you have money, you will be okay.
  4. Ghosts are the only ones who can see the true spirit of others.
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