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A Christmas Carol - Stave Two (Grade 6)

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A Christmas Carol - Stave Two

Read Stave Two of "A Christmas Carol" and answer the questions.
Which choice best describes the first spirit who visited Scrooge?
  1. a cupid-like baby
  2. a child-like old man
  3. a beautiful angel
  4. a cranky grandfather
Setting is where a story takes place. What is the setting when the Ghost of Christmas Past takes Scrooge on a journey?
  1. Scrooge's first law office
  2. Places from Scrooge's childhood
  3. A field in the country
  4. The home Marley grew up in
How did Scrooge's attitude change when he recognized people from his past?
  1. He became angry and mean.
  2. He became quiet and shy.
  3. He felt poor and worthless.
  4. He felt very excited and joyful.
Which detail best shows how Scrooge started to change when he saw his old friends?
  1. He wished he had given a young caroler some money the night before.
  2. He said that his sister was a delicate creature with a large heart.
  3. He wished he had treated Old Fezziwig better when he was alive.
  4. He said that he wanted that night to remain with him forever.
How did the atmosphere is Fezziwig's office on Christmas Eve differ from the atmosphere in Scrooge's office on Christmas Eve?
  1. It was more festive and fun.
  2. It was darker and colder.
  3. It was full of needy people.
  4. It was completely empty.
The scene at Old Fezziwig's caused Scrooge to realize something. He realized
  1. he missed his old boss.
  2. he was never paid for his work.
  3. he should treat his own clerk better.
  4. he wanted to find himself a wife.
The Ghost of Christmas Past took Scrooge to a scene between himself and a former love. What happened between him and his former love?
  1. She left him because he was too focused on money.
  2. She died in a terrible accident.
  3. She left him so she could marry someone else.
  4. She found out she was expecting a child.
The young woman said that she hoped Scrooge would be happy in the life he had chosen. Was Scrooge happy?
  1. Yes
  2. No
The Ghost of Christmas Past shared multiple memories with Scrooge. How were the final two memories most different from the first few memories?
  1. Scrooge was younger.
  2. Scrooge was happier.
  3. They were both negative memories.
  4. They were both other people's memories.
The narrator said that no matter how hard Scrooge tried to make the Ghost of Christmas Past disappear, he could not hide the light which streamed from under the cap.

What did the light most likely represent?
  1. daylight
  2. fire
  3. anger
  4. hope
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