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A Christmas Carol - Stave One (Grade 6)

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A Christmas Carol - Stave One

Read Stave One of "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens and answer the questions.
A simile is a comparison that compares two things using "like" or "as".

How did the author use a simile in the opening of "A Christmas Carol"?
  1. Scrooge cried like an infant.
  2. Scrooge's name was good upon 'Change.
  3. Marley was as dead as a door-nail.
  4. Marley's name was on the door of the office.
Which choice best described the relationship between Scrooge and Marley?
  1. Scrooge and Marley despised one another.
  2. Scrooge and Marley were brothers.
  3. Scrooge and Marley tried to woo the same woman.
  4. Scrooge and Marley were friends and business partners.
The author described Scrooge as a very cold man. Which detail best supports this description?
  1. Even blind men's dogs would turn and run from Scrooge.
  2. Scrooge kept Marley's name on the door of his office.
  3. People sometimes called Scrooge "Marley" and he still answered.
  4. On the day of Marley's funeral, Scrooge was a man of business.
Characters in a story are often different. How was Scrooge's nephew most different from Scrooge?
  1. He was taller than Scrooge.
  2. He was wealthier than Scrooge.
  3. He was happier than Scrooge.
  4. He was busier than Scrooge.
Suspense is when the reader knows something bad is going to happen, but is not sure what. Which is an example of how the author used suspense in Stave One?
  1. Two men came to ask Scrooge for a donation.
  2. Marley's face appeared in the knocker on the door.
  3. Scrooge was angry about giving his clerk Christmas day off.
  4. The narrator repeated that Marley was dead as a door-nail.
All of the bells in Scrooge's house began to ring. What happened next?
  1. Marley's ghost appeared.
  2. Scrooge ran out the door.
  3. Angels started singing.
  4. Scrooge fell fast asleep.
Marley was bound by a chain. Why did he have to wear the chain?
  1. It was a punishment for how he acted when he was alive.
  2. It represented all of the people he made happy.
  3. It was to prevent him from escaping his grave.
  4. It represented the money he made in business.
What was the main reason Marley's ghost visited Scrooge?
  1. to visit with his old friend
  2. to alert him to an accounting error
  3. to warn him about his fate
  4. to bring him a Christmas gift
Marley's ghost said Scrooge would receive visitors. Who were those visitors?
  1. three spirits
  2. his nieces and nephews
  3. the police
  4. people he had wronged
Scrooge looked out the window and saw a bunch of phantoms flying through the air. None of them were free. What was most significant about the phantoms?
  1. They floated easily despite the chains on their bodies.
  2. Many were hard-hearted people Scrooge had known.
  3. Many had been very generous with their money while alive.
  4. They gestured for Scrooge to come join them.
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