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The Tale of Peter Rabbit (Grade 3)

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The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Peter and his family
  1. lived in a sand-bank.
  2. hunted for their food.
  3. lived in a garden.
  4. enjoyed going on walks.
Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton-tail were different from Peter. How were they different?
  1. They always cleaned their rooms.
  2. They were good little bunnies.
  3. They never went outside.
  4. They were very sad.
Mr. McGregor did not like Peter because Peter:
  1. looked very scary.
  2. ate all his vegetables.
  3. owed him some money.
  4. chewed a hole in his sweater.
As Peter ran from Mr. McGregor, he:
  1. lost his shoes.
  2. ate more vegetables.
  3. looked for his father.
  4. called for his mother.
Peter hid in the tool shed, but Mr. McGregor found him. What caused Mr. McGregor to find him?
  1. Peter laughed.
  2. Peter sneezed.
  3. The cat showed him.
  4. The cat meowed at him.
Peter jumped out of the window to get away from Mr. McGregor. Which detail from the story shows how Peter felt after this?
  1. Peter started to cry.
  2. Peter ignored the cat by the pond.
  3. Peter heard the scritch scratch of a hoe.
  4. Peter turned and stuck out his tongue at Mr. McGregor.
What did Mr. McGregor do with Peter's jacket and shoes?
  1. He burnt them up.
  2. He to Peter's mother.
  3. He threw them away.
  4. He made a scarecrow.
What was wrong with Peter when he got home?
  1. He could not find his hat.
  2. He was punished and put in time out.
  3. He was very tired and did not feel well.
  4. He realized he forgot to get blackberries.
A summary is another way to describe what happened in a story. Which choice summarizes the story?
  1. Four bunnies went into Mr. McGregor's garden and only one came out alive.
  2. Mr. McGregor invited Peter to his garden, but it turned out to be a terrible trick.
  3. Peter's mother told the bunnies the story of when their father went to Mr. McGregor's garden. It did not have a happy ending.
  4. Peter did not listen to his mother and went to Mr. McGregor's garden. He faced some trouble and became very sick.
A moral is a lesson a story teaches about life. Which choice shows a moral from this story?
  1. Never eat your vegetables
  2. Always listen to your mother
  3. Stay away from large vegetable gardens
  4. Boys who are bad do not get special treats
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