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The Snowy Day (Grade 1)

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The Snowy Day

Peter woke up. When he woke up, he
  1. bumped his head.
  2. turned on the light.
  3. ate some pancakes.
  4. looked out the window.
Outside, everything was
  1. covered with snow.
  2. dark and quiet.
  3. moving slowly.
  4. very wet.
After breakfast, what did Peter do?
  1. did his homework
  2. cleaned his room
  3. put on his snowsuit
  4. opened his birthday presents
Peter walked in the snow. He walked with his toes
  1. pointing in and out.
  2. tapping out a tune.
  3. freezing in his shoes.
  4. getting wet and cold.
Peter dragged his feet to make tracks. How did he drag his feet?
  1. quickly
  2. slowly
  3. zig zaggedly
  4. uppity downity
Peter saw some big boys. What were they doing?
  1. making snow cones
  2. sledding down the hill
  3. having a snowball fight
  4. looking out the window
Before he went inside, Peter
  1. took off his boots.
  2. called for his dog.
  3. made a giant snow fort.
  4. put a snowball in his pocket.
Before bed, Peter looked in his pocket. He felt sad. Why did he feel sad?
  1. He could not find his snowball.
  2. He lost his lucky penny.
  3. His dog took his cookie.
  4. His fingers were cold.
At night, Peter had a dream. He dreamed that
  1. all the snow melted.
  2. he met Santa Claus.
  3. all his wishes came true.
  4. he ate all the candy he wanted.
After his dream, Peter woke up. What did he see when he woke up?
  1. New snow was falling.
  2. The sun was shining bright.
  3. Icicles were melting on the trees.
  4. His parents were standing by his bed.
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