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Question Tags (Grade 9)

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Question Tags

The sun is shining bright today,                
  1. didn't it?
  2. wasn't it?
  3. isn't it?
  4. couldn't it?
Choose the best phrase to complete the sentence.

You did complete your homework,                
  1. didn't you?
  2. couldn't you?
  3. did you?
  4. have you?
Choose the correct ending for the question.

You don't like peas,                
  1. were you?
  2. have you?
  3. did you?
  4. do you?
Choose the correct ending for the question.

Sarah can't come to the party tomorrow,                
  1. can she?
  2. will she?
  3. does she?
  4. has she?
Carl hasn't called today,                
  1. isn't he?
  2. would he?
  3. did he?
  4. has he?
Choose the correct ending for the question.

Bob and Elena don't have a key to our house,                
  1. aren't they?
  2. do they?
  3. would they?
  4. are they?
You shouldn't chew with your mouth open,                
  1. should you?
  2. could you?
  3. would you?
  4. do you?
Mary won't tell anyone,                
  1. can she?
  2. has she?
  3. did she?
  4. will she?
A snowstorm won't stop you,                
  1. can it?
  2. does it?
  3. will it?
  4. has it?
Your flight hasn't been cancelled,                
  1. was it?
  2. has it?
  3. does it?
  4. can it?
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