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Severe Weather - Hurricanes (Grade 7)

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Severe Weather - Hurricanes

Hurricane winds move                 the eye.
  1. towards
  2. away from
Which fuels hurricane growth?
  1. cool, dry air
  2. warm, dry air
  3. cool, moist air
  4. warm, moist air
To be a hurricane, the winds have to reach                .
  1. 300 mph
  2. 74 mph
  3. 80 mph
  4. 50 mph
Which region of the Unites States is most at risk to be affected by hurricanes?
  1. Great Lakes Region
  2. Great Plains Region
  3. Pacific West Coast Region
  4. Atlantic and Gulf Coast Regions
The sequence of the development of a hurricane is
  1. tropical disturbance, tropical depression, tropical storm, hurricane.
  2. tropical storm, tropical depression, tropical disturbance, hurricane.
  3. tropical depression, tropical disturbance, tropical storm, hurricane.
  4. waterspout, tornado, tropical storm, hurricane.
Dome of water which sweeps across the coast when a hurricane reaches land.
  1. Hurricane
  2. Storm Surge
  3. Eye
  4. Eye Wall
  5. Typhoon
What is the eye wall of a hurricane?
  1. location in a hurricane where the most damaging winds/rain is found
  2. the calm part of the hurricane
  3. the part of the hurricane with the slowest winds
  4. a hurricane that does not exceed 119 kilometers per hour
A hurricane can cause sea level to rise because the air pressure under the hurricane
  1. is higher than normal.
  2. is lower than normal.
  3. is the same as usual.
Which statement best explains how the Sun's energy leads to the formation of a hurricane?
  1. The Sun's energy warms tropical oceans.
  2. The Sun's energy causes a funnel cloud to rotate.
  3. The Sun's energy causes lightning discharges.
  4. The Sun's energy warms air rapidly and causes thunder.
The table shows descriptions of the five hurricane strength categories in the wrong order.
Hurricane Damage

Which sequence shows the hurricane category descriptions in the correct order from least to most destructive?
  1. C, B, D, A, C
  2. C, A, D, B, E
  3. B, D, E, A, C
  4. C, A, E, D, B
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