This worksheet is aligned with CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.3.1, RL.3.3, and RL.3.5 Lexile 860L, 972 words

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Puss in Boots (Grade 3)

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Puss in Boots

Once there was a poor miller who died and left all that he owned to his three sons. The only possessions the miller had left to leave were his mill, his donkey, and hit cat. The oldest son was left the mill, the second the donkey, and the third was given the cat.

After receiving his inheritance, the miller's youngest son said, "My brothers can combine their inheritance and do very well, but all I have is this cat. I shall eat him and make a scarf from his fur. Then I shall die."

The cat heard his master and replied, "Don't be troubled, my good master. Just give me a bag and a pair of boots so I can go running about. Soon you'll find that I'm not such a bad prize."

The cat's master did not put much faith in the cat's words, but decided that their conditions were miserable enough that he could stand to help the cat.

Once the cat had the items he asked for, he put on his boots and threw his bag around his neck. Then he went out into a field full of rabbits. He filled his bag full of food to attract rabbits, played dead, and waited for a young rabbit to come rifle through his bag.

He had just laid down when a young and foolish rabbit came near and jumped into his bag. Immediately, the cat drew the bag closed and trapped the rabbit. He took his prey to the palace and asked to show it to the king.

When he approached the king, the cat said, "Your majesty, I have brought you a rabbit as a gift from my master."

"Thank your master," said the king, "and let him know I am very pleased."

The next day, the cat went and hid himself in a field of corn. He held his bag open until a group of partridges ran inside. Then he took the partridges and presented them to the king. Again. the king was pleased. This time, he rewarded the cat with money.

The cat continued bringing presents to the king for three months. One day, when the cat knew the king was going to head out for a walk by the river with his daughter, the cat invited his master come out with him.

"Follow my advice," said the cat, "and you shall never want for anything again. Now go wash in the river; I'll take care of the rest."

Despite not knowing why he should wash in the river, the cat's master followed his advice. While he was washing, the king passed by and the cat began to cry out:

"Help! Help! My master is drowning."

The king looked and saw that his favorite cat was distressed. He commanded his guards to run and help the cat's master.

Then the cat told the king that some thieves had stolen his master's clothes, although the cat had really hidden them under a rock. The king commanded his men to go fetch one of his best suits for the cat's master to wear.

Once in the clothes, the king found the cat's master to be very handsome. The king's daughter found herself in love with the young man. The king invited the cat and his master to join them on their walk.

The cat walked ahead of them and said to those mowing the meadow, "If you do not tell the king that this meadow belongs to my master, I shall turn you into mince meat."

When the king asked, the men told them just what the cat had commanded them to.

"This is truly some fine land," the king said.

"It never fails to yield a harvest," the cat's master replied.

The cat continued to walk ahead and came upon some reapers. He said to them, "Tell the king that this corn belongs to my master or I shall turn you into mince meat."

When the king passed by, the reapers told him all the cat had commanded them to say.

For the entire walk, the cat lead the way and told all of the people he saw to praise his master.

At last they came to a castle. This castle belonged to a rich ogre. The cat asked to speak to the ogre.

"I know that you can change yourself into all sorts of creatures," said the cat.

"This is true," answered the Ogre "and to convince you, you shall see me now become a lion."

The cat was so terrified by the sight of the lion that he immediately ran and hid. Once the ogre had transformed back into himself, the cat came out and said, "I also heard that you can transform yourself into small animals, but I'm sure that is impossible."

"Impossible?" cried the ogre. "You shall see it is not."

Immediately the ogre turned himself into a mouse and skittered about. He skittered right into the cat's paws and the cat ate the ogre up.

Just then, the king, princess, and the cat's master came to the castle. The king decided he wanted to go inside.

The cat came running out and said, "Welcome to my master's castle."

"What? You also own this castle?" cried the king.

They all headed inside the castle. Once the king had toured the castle and enjoyed some fine food and drink, the king spoke up, "Young man, I should like it very much if you would become my son-in-law."

The Marquis gave his hand to the Princess, and followed [75]the King, who went up

"It will be owing to yourself only, my lord Marquis, if you are not my son-in-law."

The cat's master accepted and married the princess that day.

His cat became a lord in the kingdom and never again had to chase mice for food.
What problem did the youngest son have with the cat?
  1. He was allergic to cats.
  2. The cat was not very nice.
  3. He thought the cat was a worthless inheritance.
  4. The cat did not like to catch birds and mice.
The cat said he could help his master fix his problems. What items did he request?
  1. a bag and boots
  2. a bowl of milk and some meat
  3. a mouse and cheese
  4. a warm bed and hot fire
How did the cat get the animals into his bag?
  1. He sang a special song.
  2. He killed them first.
  3. He offered them a present.
  4. He used food as a lure.
Why did the cat pretend his master was drowning in the river?
  1. to help catch a fish
  2. to get the king to notice him
  3. to make his master look weak
  4. to cause the princess to become worried
The cat tricked the ogre into becoming a mouse, and then ate him. How did this solve his problem?
  1. The castle had no owner, so the cat's master could claim it.
  2. The ogre liked to eat cats, so he could not eat anymore.
  3. The cat was hungry, so he used the mouse as food.
  4. The king hated mice, so the cat helped him feel safe.

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