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Barack Obama Biography (Grade 4)

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Which detail about Barack Obama is NOT true?
  1. His mother was white.
  2. He lived with his grandparents.
  3. He graduated from Yale.
  4. He lived in Chicago.
According to the passage, why was Barack Obama's election important?
  1. He was the first African-American president.
  2. He was the first president from Hawaii.
  3. He was the first married man to become president.
  4. Both A and B
What office did Barack Obama hold before he became president?
  1. U.S. Senator
  2. Attorney General
  3. Vice-President
  4. Mayor of Chicago
According to the passage, why did people vote for Obama?
  1. They thought he was handsome.
  2. They liked that he was from Hawaii.
  3. He gave them hope.
  4. He promised them money.
Based on the passage, the author most likely thinks that:
  1. Barack Obama is a good president.
  2. Barack Obama is a bad president.
  3. Barack Obama will be elected again.
  4. The author does not give an opinion.

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