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What Does the President Do? (Grade 4)

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What is the main purpose of "What Does the President Do?"
  1. to explain how we elect a president
  2. to show where the president lives
  3. to describe the jobs of the president
  4. to tell about the education of the president
The passage says the president spends a lot of time in the Oval Office. The Oval Office is
  1. a room where the President works and holds meetings
  2. a room that has a very weird shape
  3. a room where Congress meets
  4. a room that the President sleeps in
According to the passage, why is it important for the President to make good decisions?
  1. He can lose money by making bad decisions.
  2. He wants to make himself look good.
  3. His decisions affect all of the United States.
  4. His job is to make important decisions.
Which choice best summarizes the main idea of "What Does the President Do?"
  1. The President lives in the White House.
  2. The President is elected every four years.
  3. The President has a lot of important jobs.
  4. Anyone can do the job of the President.
The author says that the President's vehicles are designed to keep him safe and he always travels with the Secret Service. You can infer that the President
  1. is very popular.
  2. has a dangerous job.
  3. likes to travel.
  4. spends a lot of time on the road.

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