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Finish the Rhyming Sentence (Grade 1)

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Finish the Rhyming Sentence

Instructions: Each sentence contains words that rhyme. Choose the best word to fill in the blank in each sentence.

Jake will bake a                .
  1. pie
  2. cake
  3. meatloaf
  4. loaf of bread
Pop used a                 to clean the floor.
  1. broom
  2. vaccuum
  3. mop
  4. rag
The red                 sped towards the shed.
  1. truck
  2. car
  3. bike
  4. sled
The frog sat on a log in the                .
  1. swamp
  2. bog
  3. lake
  4. river
A pail came in the                .
  1. mail
  2. box
  3. truck
  4. lake
The magic fish made the sound "               " as it granted my wish.
  1. boing
  2. zing
  3. swish
  4. zoom
I sat on my tush and he gave me a push - right into a                !
  1. tree
  2. rock
  3. hole
  4. bush
The little kitty lived in the                 and looked very pretty.
  1. city
  2. town
  3. house
  4. shed
Joe stepped up to bat, but he saw a rat. On his back, he fell flat and squished the rat with a                .
  1. splat
  2. hammer
  3. fist
  4. boom
I have lots of hope that with some long                 we can get up this slope.
  1. rope
  2. string
  3. ladders
  4. limbs
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