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Rhyming Riddles (Grade 2)

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Rhyming Riddles

You use me in the snow. I rhyme with red.
  1. ski
  2. sled
  3. bed
  4. gloves
I'm a large meal. I rhyme with beast.
  1. buffet
  2. leased
  3. dinner
  4. feast
I'm a marine mammal. I rhyme with eel.
  1. walrus
  2. sea lion
  3. seal
  4. feel
I'm a coin in the United States. I rhyme with time.
  1. lime
  2. quarter
  3. nickel
  4. dime
I'm a grassy place around a house. I rhyme with card.
  1. starred
  2. park
  3. yard
  4. sidewalk
I'm something that sails on the ocean. I rhyme with lip.
  1. yacht
  2. boat
  3. grip
  4. ship
I'm the word used to represent twelve of something. I rhyme with cousin.
  1. couple
  2. yard
  3. frozen
  4. dozen
I'm the beginning of the day. I rhyme with on.
  1. morning
  2. dawn
  3. sunrise
  4. fawn
I'm what a mouse does with cheese. I rhyme with dribble.
  1. nibble
  2. bite
  3. snack
  4. scribble
I'm a large group of people. I rhyme with loud.
  1. group
  2. crowd
  3. cloud
  4. mob
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