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Using a Thesaurus Review (Grade 4)

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Using a Thesaurus Review

Use the following thesaurus entries to answer the questions that follow.

earnest (n) SYN serious, solemn, grave, somber, sober, sedate ANT frivolous

obscure (vb) to make dark, dim, or indistinct SYNC dim, darken, eclipse, cloud, fog, obfuscate ANT illuminate

respect (vb) SYN regard, esteem, admire ANT abuse, misuse

train (n) SYN succession, progression, series, sequence, chain, string
train (vb) SYN teach, discipline, school, instruct, educate
What part of speech is earnest?
  1. noun
  2. verb
  3. adjective
  4. pronoun
Which is a synonym for obscure?
  1. instruct
  2. darken
  3. solemn
  4. sequence
Which is a synonym for earnest?
  1. chain
  2. somber
  3. illuminate
  4. frivolous
What part of speech is definition of train for which sequence is a synonym?
  1. noun
  2. verb
  3. adjective
  4. pronoun
What is a synonym for the verb TRAIN?
  1. esteem
  2. educate
  3. cloud
  4. serious
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