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Poem Analysis: A Wish and Lucy (Grade 9)

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Poem Analysis: A Wish and Lucy

A Wish
by William Wordsworth

Mine be a cot beside the hill;
A bee-hive's hum shall soothe my ear;
A willowy brook that turns a mill
With many a fall shall linger near.

The swallow, oft, beneath my thatch
Shall twitter from her clay-built nest;
Oft shall the pilgrim lift the latch,
And share my meal, a welcome guest.

Around my ivied porch shall spring
Each fragrant flower that drinks the dew;
And Lucy, at her wheel, shall sing
In russet gown and apron blue.

The village church among the trees,
Where first our marriage-vows were given,
With merry peals shall swell the breeze
And point with taper spire to Heaven.

by William Wordsworth

She dwelt among the untrodden ways
Beside the springs of Dove;
A maid whom there were none to praise,
And very few to love.

A violet by a mossy stone
Half-hidden from the eye!
Fair as a star, when only one
Is shining in the sky.

She lived unknown, and few could know
When Lucy ceased to be;
But she is in her grave, and, oh,
The difference to me!
Both "A Wish" and "Lucy" talk about the same person. What do you learn about Lucy in "A Wish" that you don't learn in "Lucy"?
  1. She was beautiful.
  2. She was the speaker's wife.
  3. She loved to be outside in the garden.
  4. She was known to very few people in the world.
In "Lucy," the speaker mentions that Lucy died. What effect did it have on his life?
  1. He barely knew she was gone.
  2. He felt her absence in his life.
  3. He had to do his own mending.
  4. He never married anyone else.
In "A Wish," what is the speaker's wish?
  1. to spend his time in nature
  2. to have children with his wife
  3. to come into a large inheritance
  4. to marry his childhood sweetheart
In "Lucy," what does the speaker compare Lucy to?
  1. the moon
  2. an onion
  3. a violet
  4. a piano
According to the speaker in the poem "Lucy," how did Lucy compare to other women?
  1. She had all of the skills a woman needed.
  2. She was average in looks and temperament.
  3. She stood out among a less than stellar crowd.
  4. She followed all of the latest fads and fashions.

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