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Writing a Song (Grade 8)

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Writing a Song

The first thing you should do when writing a song is:
  1. determine the subject
  2. write the chorus
  3. choose the beat
  4. write the hook
When writing a song, the chorus should be:
  1. long
  2. catchy
  3. first
  4. slow
The verses of a song should:
  1. be short
  2. be written in sentences
  3. tell a story
  4. make people cry
When writing a song, the intro to the song must:
  1. include words
  2. capture listener's attention
  3. give the subject of the song
  4. be repeated
When writing a song, the beat or melody you choose should:
  1. be created by you.
  2. fit the subject of the song.
  3. include a guitar.
  4. make people want to dance.
Try your hand at writing a song of your own. Make sure your song has a title, intro, hook, chorus, bridge, and verses. Label the different parts of the song after you finish writing it.

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