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The Fairy Tulips (Grade 2)

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The Fairy Tulips

What happened to the old woman at night?
  1. She could not sleep.
  2. She heard a sound outside.
  3. Her house caught on fire.
  4. Her health was very poor.
When the old woman first looked out the window, what did she in the garden?
  1. Nothing unusual
  2. Extremely large tulips
  3. A group of fairies
  4. Three scary gnomes
The next night, what did the old woman find in her garden?
  1. lots of bugs
  2. magical sparkles
  3. violins and flutes
  4. fairies and babies
Why didn't the old woman ever pick a tulip again?
  1. She didn't like tulips.
  2. The tulips stopped growing.
  3. She wanted to protect the fairies.
  4. The garden was full of weeds.
Why did flowers grow around the old woman's grave?
  1. because she was kind to the fairies
  2. because she planted them there
  3. because her soon took care of it
  4. because it was fertile soil

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