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The Tale of Benjamin Bunny (Grade 2)

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The Tale of Benjamin Bunny

Which word best describes Benjamin Bunny?
  1. friendly
  2. lazy
  3. naughty
  4. polite
How are Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit alike?
  1. They both have strict fathers.
  2. They both like to get into trouble.
  3. They both enjoy eating carrots and celery.
  4. They both have three little sisters at home.
Why did Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit go to Mr. McGregor's garden?
  1. to fetch Peter's clothes
  2. to tease the old cat
  3. to find Benjamin's father
  4. to play hide and seek
How did Benjamin Bunny know Mr. McGregor and his wife would be gone for a long time?
  1. He looked at the calendar.
  2. He followed the buggy.
  3. Mrs. McGregor was wearing her nicest bonnet.
  4. Mrs. McGregor told him where they were going.
What problem did Benjamin Bunny and Peter face in the garden?
  1. The mice teased them.
  2. They couldn't find Peter's clothes.
  3. The hat didn't fit Benjamin Bunny.
  4. The cat trapped them under a basket.
Why did Mr. Bunny enter the garden?
  1. to gather onions
  2. to tease the cat
  3. to find Benjamin Bunny
  4. to talk to Mr. McGregor
What did Mr. Bunny do to the cat?
  1. locked her in the shed
  2. bribed her with mice
  3. gave her some milk
  4. kissed her nose
What happened to Benjamin Bunny when his father found him?
  1. His father kissed his head.
  2. His father hit him with a switch.
  3. His father told him he was grounded.
  4. His father promised to pay him for the vegetables.
Why didn't Peter Rabbit get in trouble with his mother?
  1. He didn't do anything wrong.
  2. He had found his missing clothes.
  3. He went straight to bed when he got home.
  4. He didn't tell her what had happened that day.
What happened when Mr. McGregor came home?
  1. He caught the rabbits.
  2. He became very confused.
  3. He planted new lettuce in his garden.
  4. He gave the cat a bowl of milk and some food.

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