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Writing a Tanka (Grade 8)

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Writing a Tanka

The word "tanka" most likely means:
  1. old poem
  2. short poem
  3. happy poem
  4. heroic poem
Which syllable count best represents the tanka format?
  1. 5/6/7
  2. 5/7/5
  3. 5/6/7/8/9
  4. 5/7/5/7/7
Why do a lot of tanka that you read in English seem to stray from the syllable count?
  1. The format is not fixed.
  2. People cannot count very well.
  3. They were translated into English.
  4. Each Japanese word represents two syllables.
The first three lines of a tanka are called the:
  1. upper phrase
  2. lower phrase
  3. higher order
  4. lower order
Using your knowledge of the tanka format, try writing your own tanka.

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