This printable supports Next Generation Science Standards Disciplinary Core Idea ESS2E and NGSS 4-ESS2-1.

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Biogeology (Grade 4)

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Instructions: Answer the questions about interactions between life forms and Earth.

Which is the best example of how plants help shape the land?
  1. Plants give off oxygen into the air.
  2. A flood loosens soil causing trees to fall over.
  3. Grass holds sand dunes in place during a storm.
Which is an example of how people change the shape of the land?
  1. A space rock hits the Earth's surface.
  2. A train tunnel cuts through a mountain.
  3. A tree root cracks road pavement in the winter.
Which best describes a way a fox may change Earth's land?
  1. The fox attacks a rabbit for food.
  2. The fox drinks water from a stream.
  3. The fox digs a den to raise its young.
A beaver uses branches and mud to build a dam.

Which is the most likely change to Earth's surface caused by the dam?
  1. The dam changes the flow of water.
  2. The dam changes the air temperature.
  3. The dam changes the type of rocks nearby.
Coal is a naturally forming rock. It formed millions of years ago from the remains of plants. Coal is mined from Earth, then burned for energy.

Which sentence from the passage describes how people change Earth's surface?
  1. Coal is a naturally forming rock.
  2. It formed millions of years ago from the remains of plants and animals.
  3. Coal is mined from Earth, then burned for energy.

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