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A Bad Case of Stripes (Grade 2)

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A Bad Case of Stripes

What did Camilla Cream like?
  1. ice cream
  2. lima beans
  3. green peas
  4. applesauce
Why did Camilla Cream try on forty-two outfits?
  1. None of them fit.
  2. She didn't want to be too hot.
  3. She was shopping at the mall.
  4. She wanted to impress her friends.
Camilla Cream screamed. What caused her to scream?
  1. She saw a spider.
  2. She stubbed her toe.
  3. She was covered in stripes.
  4. She spilled juice on her dress.
How did Camilla Cream feel that day?
  1. sick
  2. fine
  3. tired
  4. hungry
What happened when Camilla Cream went to school?
  1. Her stripes went away.
  2. All of the kids laughed at her.
  3. Her stomach started to feel funny.
  4. The principal made her change her clothes.
The principal called Camilla Cream's house. He said she might be contagious.
Contagious means:
  1. she is very funny.
  2. someone who dresses well.
  3. she gets very good grades.
  4. others can catch what you have.
The specialists came. They told Camilla to take some medicine.
What happened when she woke up?
  1. She was better.
  2. She had turned green.
  3. She was a giant pill with a face.
  4. She was very tired and sick to her stomach.
What happened whenever someone suggested Camilla do something?
  1. She fainted.
  2. She got better.
  3. She became that thing.
  4. She became very angry.
What did the old woman give Camilla?
  1. pills
  2. lima beans
  3. magic beans
  4. cough syrup
What happened to Camilla at the end of the story?
  1. She stayed striped forever.
  2. She made some new friends.
  3. She discovered the real Camilla.
  4. She moved to a new house with her family.
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