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The Little Engine that Could (Grade 1)

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The Little Engine that Could

How did the little train feel?
  1. mad
  2. happy
  3. sleepy
  4. excited
What did the little train carry?
  1. coal
  2. corn and wheat
  3. all kinds of toys
  4. lots of kids and adults
Where was the little train going?
  1. over the river
  2. to the west coast
  3. down into the valley
  4. to the other side of the mountain
The little train stopped. What happened?
  1. She ran out of gas.
  2. She fell fast asleep.
  3. The track had a crack.
  4. Her wheels would not turn.
A shiny engine came by. What did the shiny engine carry?
  1. toys
  2. food
  3. people
  4. animals
A big, strong engine came by. What did the big, strong engine pull?
  1. toys
  2. people
  3. good food
  4. heavy logs
The little blue engine said she would pull them up the mountain.
What did the little blue engine repeat?
  1. We can do it!
  2. I think I can.
  3. Push. Push. Push.
  4. Over the mountain we go!
How did the little blue engine move?
  1. backwards
  2. sideways
  3. slowly
  4. quickly
What did the little blue engine do?
  1. She sped past the train.
  2. She drove off the train track.
  3. She pulled them over the mountain.
  4. She called another train to come help.
How did the little engine most likely feel at the end of the story?
  1. sad
  2. tired
  3. angry
  4. proud
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