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Blueberries for Sal (Grade 1)

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Blueberries for Sal

Where did Sal go with her mother?
  1. to the store
  2. to pick blueberries
  3. to visit her grandmother
  4. to play at the playground
What did Sal take with her?
  1. a pail
  2. a stick
  3. a puppy
  4. a notebook
What did Sal and her mother plan to do with the blueberries?
  1. can them
  2. sell them
  3. bake a pie
  4. give them to friends
Why was Sal's pail empty?
  1. It had a hole in it.
  2. Sal ate all of her blueberries.
  3. Her mother emptied it for her.
  4. Sal dropped it in the middle of the field.
How was Sal like the little bear?
  1. They both ate blueberries.
  2. They both carried tin pails.
  3. They both lived in the forest.
  4. They both talked to the birds.
Sal finished eating blueberries. What happened next?
  1. She did not feel well.
  2. She turned into a blueberry.
  3. She talked to the little bear.
  4. She could not find her mother.
What happened to Sal, her mother, little bear, and little bear's mother?
  1. They became friends.
  2. They became mixed up.
  3. They all hid in the blueberry field.
  4. They all stayed outside until dark.
Where did Sal, her mother, the little bear, and his mother find blueberries?
  1. by the lake
  2. on Blueberry Hill
  3. at Johnson's Farm
  4. in the field
What sound did the blueberries make when they hit Sal's pail?
  1. Boom!
  2. Boing!
  3. Kaplink!
  4. Kerpoof!
Why were all of the characters looking for blueberries?
  1. to get food for winter
  2. to find food to sell at the market
  3. to use to make blue paint to draw with
  4. to keep the birds away from their homes
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