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Owl Moon (Grade 1)

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Owl Moon

What time of year does Owl Moon take place?
  1. Spring
  2. Summer
  3. Fall
  4. Winter
What did Pa and the narrator do?
  1. They went owling.
  2. They cut down a Christmas tree.
  3. They went sledding down the hill.
  4. They visited his grandma and grandpa.
What sound did Pa make?
  1. a train sound
  2. the hoot of an owl
  3. the yelp of a dog
  4. a loud whistle
The narrator and her Pa had to be:
  1. happy.
  2. silent.
  3. warm.
  4. loud.
The second time Pa made a hooting sound, what happened?
  1. There was silence.
  2. They heard an echo.
  3. The owl swooped out of the trees.
  4. The moon grew larger and larger.
What did Pa use to see the owl better?
  1. a candle
  2. a flashlight
  3. the light of the moon
  4. the old-fashioned lantern
According to Pa, what do you need when you go owling?
  1. hope
  2. words
  3. warmth
  4. flashlights
Going owling is a tradition. What is a tradition?
  1. a visit from an animal
  2. something special you do
  3. a very quiet and silent night
  4. something that happens in the winter
Which word best describes going owling?
  1. fun
  2. weird
  3. boring
  4. amazing
Which word best describes the moon?
  1. full
  2. small
  3. orange
  4. hidden
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