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The True Story of the Three Little Pigs (Grade 2)

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The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

In The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, who tells the story?
  1. the wolf
  2. the first little pig
  3. the second little pig
  4. the third little pig
What do wolves like to eat?
  1. cheeseburgers
  2. cute little animals
  3. fruits and vegetables
  4. anything they can catch
What was the wolf doing before he met the pigs?
  1. reading a book
  2. singing a song
  3. baking a birthday cake
  4. planting a vegetable garden
What problem did the wolf have?
  1. He cut his finger.
  2. He ran out of sugar.
  3. He did not know how to read.
  4. He lost his favorite teddy bear.
Who was the wolf's neighbor?
  1. a pig
  2. a cow
  3. a duck
  4. a mule
What happened after the wolf called out to the first little pig?
  1. He sneezed.
  2. He yelled really loud.
  3. He made himself a cup of tea.
  4. He called the police to help him.
The wolf compared the first little pig to something. What did he compare it to?
  1. a cheeseburger
  2. a piece of pizza
  3. a puddle of pink goo
  4. a piece of chewed up bubblegum
What did the wolf do to the second little pig?
  1. ate him
  2. shaved his chin
  3. baked him a cake
  4. took his car to the store
The third little pig talked about the wolf's granny. This made the wolf
  1. sad
  2. angry
  3. happy
  4. excited
The wolf claimed that the news reporters                 most of the story.
  1. told
  2. left out
  3. made up
  4. wrote about
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