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Harold and the Purple Crayon (Grade 1)

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Harold and the Purple Crayon

At the beginning of the story, what did Harold decide to do?
  1. sing a song
  2. go for a walk
  3. have a snack
  4. play a board game
What was Harold's problem at the beginning of the story?
  1. It was daytime.
  2. He broke his crayon.
  3. There was no moon.
  4. He didn't know how to draw.
What kind of path did Harold make?
  1. long
  2. short
  3. curvy
  4. straight
Harold went on a walk. What did he take with him?
  1. his teddy bear
  2. a bottle of water
  3. his purple crayon
  4. something to eat
Harold drew a forest. The forest was
  1. too scary.
  2. very small.
  3. full of trees.
  4. a beautiful forest.
Why did Harold draw a dragon?
  1. to scare the knight
  2. to set the logs on fire
  3. to save the princess
  4. to guard the apples
Harold's hand shook. What did it create?
  1. an ocean
  2. a curvy road
  3. a field of flowers
  4. an angry thunderstorm
Harold made a picnic lunch. There was only one food. What was that food?
  1. pie
  2. cheese
  3. cookies
  4. ice cream
Harold was lost. He drew a                 to help him find his way.
  1. map
  2. computer
  3. policeman
  4. traffic light
To get home, Harold drew his window. He drew his window
  1. under the moon.
  2. avove the moon
  3. right around the moon
  4. right beside the moon
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