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The Story of Ferdinand (Grade 2)

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The Story of Ferdinand

What type of animal was Ferdinand?
  1. dog
  2. bull
  3. duck
  4. mule
What did Ferdinand like to do?
  1. read books
  2. smell the flowers
  3. eat corn and hay all day
  4. butt heads with other bulls
All of the other bulls wanted to do something special. What did they want to do?
  1. go to college for bulls
  2. escape from the farm
  3. fight in the big bull fights
  4. marry beautiful brown cows
Some men came from Madrid to pick a bull. Ferdinand went to sit by a tree. What happened to Ferdinand?
  1. He got a sunburn.
  2. The men ignored him.
  3. He sat down on a bee.
  4. The other bulls teased him.
Where did the men take Ferdinand?
  1. to the fair
  2. to the farm
  3. to the fight
  4. to the factory
At the bull fight, the banderilleros had a job to do. What was their job?
  1. to sell food
  2. to play guitar
  3. to collect the tickets
  4. to make the bull mad
Which person fought the bull?
  1. the farmer
  2. the matador
  3. the picadores
  4. the banderilleros
The men brought Ferdinand into the ring. What did Ferdinand do next?
  1. ate the grass
  2. kicked up the dirt
  3. fought the matador and picadores
  4. sat down and smelled the flowers
Ferdinand went back home. Where is Ferdinand likely to be found today?
  1. in the bull ring
  2. under the cork tree
  3. safe and sound in the barn
  4. helping his mother in the field
Ferdinand refused to fight. This caused the matador to
  1. cry.
  2. laugh.
  3. be afraid.
  4. get angry.
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