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Brave Irene (Grade 2)

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Brave Irene

Who was Mrs. Bobbin making a dress for?
  1. herself
  2. the queen
  3. the duchess
  4. her daughter
What problem did Mrs. Bobbin have?
  1. She ran out of fabric.
  2. She was not feeling well.
  3. She did not know how to sew.
  4. She did not get paid for her work.
Irene offered to deliver the dress. Why was it difficult to deliver the dress?
  1. It was too heavy.
  2. It was snowy and windy.
  3. It would take days to get there.
  4. It would never make it on time.
How did Irene fight back against the wind?
  1. She made it stop.
  2. She walked backward.
  3. She called her father for help.
  4. She covered herself with the dress.
What did the wind tell Irene to do?
  1. Stop.
  2. Go home.
  3. Keep walking.
  4. Help him blow harder.
What happened to the dress?
  1. It was too big.
  2. It was too small.
  3. The rain soaked it.
  4. The wind blew it away.
Which word best describes the path Irene took to the palace?
  1. busy
  2. warm
  3. clear
  4. empty
Irene saw a warm glow below her. She thought it was the palace. What happened next?
  1. She fell off a cliff.
  2. It stopped snowing.
  3. She arrived at the palace.
  4. The wind pushed her down.
Which word best describes Irene?
  1. sad
  2. lazy
  3. excited
  4. determined
Irene made it to the palace, but she still had a problem. What was the problem?
  1. She had a good dinner.
  2. The gown did not fit the duchess.
  3. The ball was absolutely wonderful.
  4. She could not get back home that night.
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