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The Day the Crayons Quit (Grade 1)

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The Day the Crayons Quit

At the beginning of the book, Duncan found something. He found                 from the crayons.
  1. videos
  2. letters
  3. drawings
  4. candy wrappers
The red crayon worked                 than the other crayons.
  1. less
  2. faster
  3. harder
  4. quieter
The purple crayon wanted Duncan to do something. What did the purple crayon want Duncan to do?
  1. color inside the lines
  2. use purple more often
  3. mix red and blue together
  4. take a break from drawing
What color was the brown crayon?
  1. tan
  2. beige
  3. light brown
  4. dark brown
The gray crayon wanted Duncan to color                 objects.
  1. happy
  2. larger
  3. boring
  4. smaller
How did the white crayon feel?
  1. tired
  2. empty
  3. excited
  4. annoyed
What did Duncan use the black crayon for?
  1. to draw outlines
  2. to color things in
  3. to make baby penguins
  4. to draw roads and sidewalks
Which crayon was mostly happy?
  1. brown
  2. yellow
  3. orange
  4. green
Yellow and Orange had an argument. They both wanted to be the color of the                .
  1. sun
  2. banana
  3. orange
  4. flowers
Which crayon was Duncan's favorite?
  1. pink
  2. blue
  3. green
  4. purple
Which crayon was Duncan's least favorite?
  1. pink
  2. blue
  3. green
  4. purple
Which word describes most of the crayons in the book?
  1. fun
  2. lazy
  3. tired
  4. unhappy
Why did the peach crayon stay in the box?
  1. It was sad.
  2. It was cold.
  3. It was tired.
  4. It was naked.
What did Duncan do to the crayons?
  1. He closed the box,
  2. He threw them away.
  3. He wrote them a letter back.
  4. He drew a new picture with them.
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