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Whistle for Willie (Grade 1)

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Whistle for Willie

What did Peter wish he could do?
  1. sing
  2. draw
  3. dance
  4. whistle
Peter                 around and around.
  1. jumped
  2. danced
  3. whirled
  4. kicked
Peter saw his dog coming. What did he do?
  1. hid in a box
  2. called his name
  3. ran inside the house
  4. made himself a snack
Willie walked past Peter. Did he hear Peter whistle the first time?
  1. Yes
  2. No
Who did Peter pretend to be?
  1. his dog
  2. his friend
  3. his father
  4. his brother
Peter blew and blew. Then what happened?
  1. He whistled.
  2. He screamed.
  3. He scared his dog.
  4. He ran out of breath.
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