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Millions of Cats (Grade 2)

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Millions of Cats

How did the old man and old woman feel?
  1. sad
  2. happy
  3. lonely
  4. excited
What did the old woman in the story want?
  1. a cat
  2. a dog
  3. a baby
  4. a grandchild
The old man went on a journey. Where did he go?
  1. to the pet store
  2. to the animal shelter
  3. to his daughter's house
  4. to a hill covered with cats
The old man tried to choose a cat. What happened when he tried to choose a cat?
  1. He liked all of the cats.
  2. The cats meowed at him.
  3. He found one he liked best.
  4. The cats refused to go home with him.
The cats stopped to drink from a pond. What happened?
  1. The pond dried up.
  2. They ate all the fish.
  3. They decided to rest.
  4. The man left them there.
The cats said they were hungry. What did they eat?
  1. pieces of fish
  2. blades of grass
  3. loaves of bread
  4. meat and cheese
The old man asked the cats a question. He wanted to know which cat was                .
  1. saddest
  2. hungriest
  3. prettiest
  4. loneliest
The cats got into a fight. What happened next?
  1. They all ran in the house.
  2. One frightened kitten was left.
  3. All of the grass was eaten up.
  4. The old man took them back to the hill.
Which word best described the cat at the end of the story?
  1. mean
  2. lonely
  3. beautiful
  4. homesick
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