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Amelia Bedelia (Grade 1)

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Amelia Bedelia

What did Mrs. Rogers leave Amelia Bedelia?
  1. a list
  2. a cake
  3. a puppy
  4. a broom
Amelia Bedelia had to change the towels in the bathroom. What did she do to them?
  1. cut them up
  2. threw them away
  3. drew faces on them
  4. replaced them with new towels
Amelia Bedelia had to dust the furniture. What did she do to it?
  1. vacuumed it
  2. sprinkled flour on it
  3. wiped it off with a wet cloth
  4. dumped dusting powder on it
What did Amelia Bedelia do to the drapes?
  1. closed them
  2. opened them
  3. painted on them
  4. drew a picture of them
What did Amelia Bedelia do with the lights?
  1. turned them on
  2. turned them off
  3. changed the light bulbs
  4. hung them outside on the tree
What did Amelia Bedelia do to the chicken?
  1. She put oil on it.
  2. She stuffed it with stuffing.
  3. She dressed it in clothes.
  4. She cooked it in the oven.
Amelia Bedelia                 all of the directions.
  1. liked
  2. listened to
  3. did not like
  4. misunderstood
When Mr. Rogers and Mrs. Rogers came home, how did they feel?
  1. sad
  2. happy
  3. upset
  4. excited
Why did Mrs. Rogers let Amelia Bedelia stay?
  1. She made good pie.
  2. They felt bad for her.
  3. She needed to earn the money.
  4. They needed help around the house.
What did Mrs. Rogers have to do for Amelia Bedlia in the future?
  1. Draw her pictures.
  2. Tell her what to do.
  3. Teach her what to do.
  4. Choose her words carefully.
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