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Love You Forever (Grade 1)

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Love You Forever

At the beginning of the story, who did the mother sing to?
  1. her cat
  2. her baby
  3. her mother
  4. her husband
How long would the mother love her baby?
  1. one day
  2. one year
  3. eighteen years
  4. forever
What happened to the baby?
  1. He grew.
  2. He got sick.
  3. He cried for his mother.
  4. He was mean to the cat.
The baby became a toddler. How did he make his mother feel?
  1. sad
  2. happy
  3. crazy
  4. upset
What did the mother do every night?
  1. sang a song
  2. read a book
  3. took a bath
  4. made a snack
The boy turned nine. What did the mother want to do to him?
  1. give him a hug
  2. read him a book
  3. take him on a trip
  4. sell him to the zoo
The boy moved away. What did the mother do?
  1. cried in her room
  2. called him on the phone
  3. asked him to move back home
  4. drove to his house across town
What happened to the mother?
  1. She moved away.
  2. She went on a trip.
  3. She became very sad.
  4. She became very old and sick.
The boy came to visit his mother. She tried to sing to him. What happened?
  1. She fell asleep.
  2. She started to cry.
  3. She forgot the words.
  4. She couldn't finish the song.
Who did the son sing to at the end of the book?
  1. his wife
  2. his mother
  3. his brother
  4. his daughter
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