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Diary of a Wombat (Grade 1)

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Diary of a Wombat

Who wrote Diary of a Wombat?
  1. Dr. Seuss
  2. Jackie French
  3. Bruce Whatley
  4. Shel Silverstein
Who drew the pictures in Diary of a Wombat?
  1. Eric Carle
  2. Jackie French
  3. Bruce Whatley
  4. Maurice Sendak
What is the name of the wombat?
  1. Jerry
  2. Ishmael
  3. Mothball
  4. Strawberry
Who is talking in Diary of a Wombat?
  1. a narrator
  2. the wombat
  3. Jackie French
  4. Bruce Whatley
The wombat decided grass was
  1. good.
  2. boring.
  3. delicious.
  4. disgusting.
The wombat discovered a flat hairy creature. What was it?
  1. a dog
  2. a mat
  3. a mop
  4. a sock
What food did the wombat want?
  1. grass
  2. pizza
  3. carrots
  4. ice cream
Which is NOT something the wombat did?
  1. ate
  2. slept
  3. jumped
  4. scratched
The wombat liked to
  1. dig holes.
  2. read books.
  3. play in the pond.
  4. draw pretty pictures.
The humans gave the wombat carrots. What was the problem?
  1. The carrots weren't fresh.
  2. The wombat wanted rolled oats.
  3. The wombat had lost all its teeth.
  4. The carrots were eaten by another animal.
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