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The Gruffalo (Grade 1)

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The Gruffalo

A                 took a walk through the woods.
  1. dog
  2. bird
  3. mouse
  4. elephant
Who was mouse going to have lunch with?
  1. the fox
  2. the owl
  3. the pigeon
  4. the gruffalo
The owl invited the mouse to have                .
  1. tea
  2. lunch
  3. a snack
  4. some breakfast
The mouse said the Gruffalo was                .
  1. real
  2. nice
  3. pretend
  4. friendly
The snake invited the mouse to come for a                .
  1. snack
  2. feast
  3. party
  4. buffet
Who was the mouse surprised to see?
  1. the fox
  2. the owl
  3. the snake
  4. the gruffalo
The Gruffalo thought the animals were afraid of                .
  1. him
  2. the cold
  3. the water
  4. the mouse
What did the mouse say his favorite food was?
  1. fried fox
  2. owl pudding
  3. gruffalo crumble
  4. snake ice cream
What did the mouse try to do?
  1. make a new friend
  2. build a warm house
  3. scare off the gruffalo
  4. get ready for the winter
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