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Sylvester and the Magic Pebble (Grade 2)

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Sylvester and the Magic Pebble

Who wrote Sylvester and the Magic Pebble?
  1. Mo Willems
  2. William Steig
  3. Beatrix Potter
  4. Maurice Sendak
What was Sylvester's hobby?
  1. counting coins
  2. drawing pictures
  3. collecting pebbles
  4. making up recipes
It was raining outside. What did Sylvester do?
  1. went home
  2. got an umbrella
  3. danced in the rain
  4. wished it would stop raining
The author said the rain didn't stop gradually, it CEASED. What does CEASED most likely mean?
  1. kept going
  2. stopped slowly
  3. rained even harder
  4. stopped right away
Sylvester thought something magical had happened. What did he think caused the magic?
  1. his mind
  2. a magician
  3. the red pebble
  4. wishing really hard
Sylvester decided to test the pebble. How did he test it?
  1. He dropped it on the ground.
  2. He wished that it would rain.
  3. He wished for a million dollars.
  4. He asked it to give him a sign.
A lion came near Sylvester. What happened next?
  1. Sylvester ran home.
  2. The lion growed at Sylvester.
  3. The lion gobbled Sylvester up.
  4. Sylvester wished he was a rock.
Why couldn't Sylvester make another wish with the pebble?
  1. He couldn't touch the pebble.
  2. The pebble lost its magic.
  3. The lion stole the pebble.
  4. He lost the pebble on the ground.
How did Sylvester feel as a rock?
  1. hard
  2. happy
  3. excited
  4. hopeless
How long was Sylvester missing?
  1. a day
  2. a week
  3. a month
  4. many months
Why did Sylvester's parents go to Strawberry Hill?
  1. to pick flowers
  2. to have a picnic
  3. to talk to the lion
  4. to look for Sylvester
Why did the wish work when Sylvester was a rock?
  1. His parents held the pebble.
  2. The pebble was touching the rock.
  3. His parents' tears fell upon the rock.
  4. A witch had sprinkled magic powder on him.
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