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We Are in a Book (Kindergarten)

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We Are in a Book

Who wrote the book?
  1. A Reader
  2. Dr. Seuss
  3. Mo Willems
  4. Elephant and Piggie
Someone is                 at us.
  1. jumping
  2. looking
  3. running
  4. talking
Who's looking at them?
  1. a monster
  2. a mother
  3. a reader
  4. a teacher
What are Elephant and Piggie in?
  1. a pool
  2. a book
  3. a truck
  4. a bathtub
What can Piggie make the reader do?
  1. say a word
  2. sing a song
  3. read a book
  4. laugh out loud
The word BANANA is                .
  1. sad
  2. mean
  3. funny
  4. boring
The book was going too                .
  1. fast
  2. slow
  3. long
  4. short
Piggie had an idea. What was Piggie's idea?
  1. to sing a song
  2. to close the book
  3. to read the book again
  4. to watch a show on TV
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