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Little Owl's Night (Grade 1)

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Little Owl's Night

What kind of night was Little Owl having?
  1. bad
  2. boring
  3. annoying
  4. wonderful
Who did Little Owl visit?
  1. wasp
  2. turtle
  3. beaver
  4. raccoon
What did Little Owl want to show bear?
  1. his toy
  2. his wings
  3. the moon
  4. the forest
Where was Little Owl's home?
  1. in the tree
  2. under a log
  3. on the ground
  4. next to the pond
What did Little Owl love?
  1. his mother
  2. his friends
  3. the night forest
  4. the leaves from the trees
What happened to Little Owl at the end of the story?
  1. He fell fast asleep.
  2. He talked to his mother.
  3. He woke up his friends.
  4. He flew around the forest.
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