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Extra Yarn (Grade 2)

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Extra Yarn

Who wrote Extra Yarn?
  1. Mo Willems
  2. Mac Barnett
  3. Jon Klassen
  4. Maurice Sendak
Who drew the pictures for Extra Yarn?
  1. Mo Willems
  2. Mac Barnett
  3. Jon Klassen
  4. William Steig
When does the story take place?
  1. on a cold afternoon
  2. early in the morning
  3. during winter vacation
  4. in the middle of the summer
What did Annabelle find?
  1. a book
  2. a box of yarn
  3. a toy for her dog
  4. an old, ratty sweater
What did Annabelle do with the yarn?
  1. threw it away
  2. made a scarf
  3. tied it in knots
  4. made a sweater
What was the problem with what Annabelle made?
  1. It was ugly.
  2. It was too cold.
  3. It was a distraction.
  4. It contained too much yarn.
Annabelle made a sweater for everyone except Mr. Crabtree. Why didn't she make a sweater for Mr. Crabtree?
  1. He was allergic to yarn.
  2. He never wore sweaters.
  3. He was mean to the children.
  4. He had a closet full of sweaters.
What was special about Annabelle's box of yarn?
  1. It was very old.
  2. It came in many colors.
  3. It never ran out of yarn.
  4. It belonged to her grandmother.
The archduke came to visit Annabelle. What did he want?
  1. a hat
  2. a sweater
  3. the box of yarn
  4. the pattern for her sweater
How did Annabelle feel at the end of the story?
  1. sad
  2. angry
  3. happy
  4. frustrated
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