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Pirate Ship Game (Grade 1)

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Pirate Ship Game

Instructions: Cut out the cards. Pick one person to be the captain. The captain demonstrates how to act out the command described on each card. Place the cards in a container and mix. The captain then picks out a card and shouts out the command in bold. Players must act out each command. Continue playing until all cards are have been picked. Change captains and play again!

Boom Coming Over

drop to the floor

Captain on Deck

salute & shout, "Aye Aye Captain"


run to the front of the room/yard


run to the back of the room/yard


run to the left-side of room/yard


run to the right-side of room/yard

Walk the Plank

walk toe to heel in a line

Climb the Rigging

pretend to climb with arms & legs

Man the Lifeboats

partner up, hold hands, & row

Man Overboard

run to side, toss life ring, pull in

Main Deck

run & line up in front of captain

Swab the Decks

clean floor on hands & knees

Fire the Cannons

load cannonball & yell, "fire in the hole"


partner up and pretend to sword fight

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