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Ellie's Big Day (A Movement Story) (Grade 1)

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Ellie's Big Day (A Movement Story)

Instructions: Read the story aloud. When you come to a bold word or phrase, act out the given movement.

Animal - Elephant Ellie the elephant knew that it was going to be a very special day. When she looked at the calendar, she saw it was April 25. That meant it was the day of the Elephant Olympics. Ellie had been practicing for the Elephant Olympics for many weeks. She couldn't wait to participate in her main event, the high jump.

Ellie jumped out of bed and skipped down the hall to the kitchen. In the kitchen, Ellie saw her mother.

"Mother, it's the day of the Elephant Olympics," Ellie said. She bounced up and down with excitement.

"That's right," Ellie's mother said. She tossed Ellie a plate of pancakes. "Eat up so you have enough energy for the games."

Ellie gobbled down the pancakes. Then she climbed the stairs to get dressed.

Once Ellie was dressed, her family headed to the Elephant Olympics. When they reached the stadium, Ellie joined the other elephants who were competing in the games. They marched into the stadium.

Inside the stadium, Ellie started to stretch. She kicked her legs. One, two. One, two. She lunged forward. She hopped up and down. She stood up straight and tall. She swung her trunk round and round.

Then Ellie sat down and waited for her event to begin.

While she waited, Ellie saw the other elephants compete in their events. She saw a group of elephants lift the heavy shot in the shot put. She saw some other elephants throw the javelin across the field. She watched her best friend leap over the hurdles.

Before Ellie knew it, it was time for the high jump. She stood up. Them she walked over to the starting line. Ellie crouched down and waited for the whistle. When she heard the whistle, she sprang up. Ellie raced down the track. When she got to the white line, she jumped into the air. Then Ellie landed with a "thud" in the sand.

"We have a winner!" the judge said. Ellie had jumped 12 feet into the air! She won the event. Ellie was so excited that she spun around.

Later that day, Ellie climbed to the top of the podium during the award ceremony. The judge put a medal around her neck. Ellie jumped up and down with excitement. She waved at the crowd. The crowd clapped and cheered.

After the ceremony, Ellie trudged home slowly. It had been a great day, but she was very tired. Ellie climbed up the stairs. She hung her medal on a hook by her bed. Then she laid down and went to sleep.
How did Ellie get out of bed?
  1. She rolled.
  2. She kicked.
  3. She jumped.
  4. She stretched.
How did Ellie move down the hall?
  1. She slid.
  2. She rolled.
  3. She danced.
  4. She skipped.
What did Ellie do on the stairs?
  1. She slid.
  2. She swam.
  3. She jumped.
  4. She climbed.
How did the elephants go into the stadium?
  1. They climbed.
  2. They marched.
  3. They skipped.
  4. They walked.
Which is NOT a way Ellie stretched?
  1. She kicked her legs.
  2. She danced all about.
  3. She hopped up and down.
  4. She swung her trunk round and round.
The elephants in the shot put                 the heavy shot.
  1. lifted
  2. kicked
  3. dunked
  4. dropped
How did Ellie's friend get over the hurdle?
  1. She swam.
  2. She leaped.
  3. She ducked.
  4. She skipped.
What did Ellie do while she waited for the whistle?
  1. She danced.
  2. She stood up.
  3. She crouched down.
  4. She spun around in circles.
Ellie was so excited that she won. What did she do when she was excited.
  1. She danced.
  2. She spun around.
  3. She jumped in the air.
  4. She waved her trunk high.
Ellie stood on the podium. What did she do on the podium?
  1. She waved.
  2. She sat down.
  3. She shook all over.
  4. She jumped up and down.
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