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6th Grade Summer Review Quiz (Grade 6)

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6th Grade Summer Review Quiz

He is very handsome.
Which word is the adverb?
  1. he
  2. very
  3. handsome
  4. none of the above
Choose the sentence with correct punctuation.
  1. Our labors in life-learning, earning, and yearning-are also our reasons for living.
  2. Our labors in life, learning, earning, and yearning) are also our reasons for living.
  3. Our labors in life - learning, earning, and yearning - are also our reasons for living.
  4. Our labors in life learning, earning, and yearning are also our reasons for living.
(What are the punctuation marks around this question called?)
  1. apostrophe
  2. parentheses
  3. comma
  4. semicolon
What type of sentence is this?

Old Yeller was a stray dog.
  1. imperative
  2. declarative
  3. exclamatory
  4. interrogative
The weather today is more good than it was yesterday.

The words MORE GOOD should be changed to:
  1. gooder
  2. best
  3. better
  4. no change
Which genre might feature aliens as characters?
  1. Fantasy
  2. Mystery
  3. Fables
  4. Realistic fiction
Select the correct pronoun to complete the sentence.
There was no dinner left for John and                .
  1. I
  2. we
  3. me
  4. them
Native Americans dried strips of meat, pounded it into a paste, and then mixed it with fat. Sometimes they added berries and sugar. Then they pressed it into small cakes. They called these cakes pemmican. Pemmican didn't spoil, and it provided lots of energy for people traveling or going hunting. Today explorers still carry and eat this food.

What is this passage mainly about?
  1. who uses pemmican today
  2. what can be put into pemmican
  3. how pemmican is prepared and used
  4. why people eat and store pemmican today
What is the correct contraction for the words "what is"?
  1. wha's
  2. what's
  3. what'
  4. whet's
Which of the following is an example of personification?
  1. The cookies smelled like a delicious cake.
  2. The cookies smell delicious.
  3. The delicious smell of cookies walked me to the kitchen.
  4. The delicious cookies are a dream.
A FBI wanted poster at the post office would be an example of writing for which purpose?
  1. to describe
  2. to entertain
  3. to persuade
  4. to explain
The sentence, "One of the dogs is missing their collar" is incorrect because the pronoun and antecedent do not agree in:
  1. Number
  2. Person
  3. Gender
  4. Case
Which word best completes this common idiom?

When I want to say something that I shouldn't say out loud, I "bite my                "
  1. mouth
  2. tongue
  3. lip
  4. teeth
Which sentence is a simple sentence?
  1. We like to eat cheese.
  2. We like to eat cheese, although some cheeses are disgusting.
  3. In the mornings, we like to eat cheese on our eggs and toast.
  4. In the mornings, before we go to school, we like to eat cheese.
Determine the correct word to match the definition.

Not complete
  1. ilcomplete
  2. imcomplete
  3. incomplete
  4. ircomplete
Which word is an OBJECT pronoun in the sentence below?
Her friends were meeting at the mall, so she joined them.
  1. Her
  2. so
  3. she
  4. them
Which sentence is punctuated correctly?
  1. “It is important Chelsea, that you wash your hands.”
  2. “It is important, Chelsea, that you wash your hands.”
  3. “It is important, Chelsea that you wash your hands.”
  4. “It is important, Chelsea, that you, wash your hands.”
Because lambs are sometimes eaten by coyotes, ranchers may hunt or trap the coyotes. However, killing coyotes may upset nature's balance. Scientists have found a way to protect sheep without killing coyotes. Coyotes are fed lamb meat treated with a drug. When they eat the meat, they get sick. Later, coyotes won't even go near lambs. They'll hunt rabbits instead.

This story mainly tells...
  1. why coyotes prefer rabbits to lambs.
  2. why killing coyotes upsets nature's balance.
  3. how scientists help protect sheep and coyotes.
  4. what kinds of people don't like coyotes.
“I don’t intend to take one more step toward anything to do with a Mr. Jaggery. Not for double gold. Not one more step.” According to this passage, what does the author foreshadow?
  1. Captain Jaggery is misunderstood.
  2. Captain Jaggery is evil.
  3. Captain Jaggery is an excellent captain.
  4. Captain Jaggery is friendly.
"He'd have to fight the female gorilla now."
This is an example of which type of figurative language?
  1. simile
  2. metaphor
  3. alliteration
  4. onomatopoeia
"R-r-r-oof," wailed Prince Terrien, rolling his eyes skyward.
This is an example of
  1. onomatopoeia.
  2. hyperbole.
  3. personification.
  4. metaphor.
My sister is graduating this year. What type of pronoun is my?
  1. possessive
  2. relative
  3. intensive
  4. interrogative
You are reading a book with a word you do not know. How can you find out what the word means?
  1. Ask the teacher
  2. Use context clues
  3. Use a dictionary
  4. All of the above
When I ran into my best friend at the mall, I thought it was a                 that we were at the same place.
  1. comparison
  2. coincidence
  3. cohesion
  4. computate
Read the following citation and choose the correction that is needed. The type of citation will be clearly stated in the question.

Magazine Article:

Mead, Walter Russell. "The Debt We Owe the Dutch." Newsweek. 27 Apr. 2009: 39-51.
  1. The article title should be underlined.
  2. The title of the magazine article should be in quotation marks.
  3. The title of the magazine should be underlined.
  4. No correction needed.
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