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Identifying Resume Errors (Grades 11-12)

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Identifying Resume Errors

Sarah Hymer
3636 104th Ave Columbus, OH 43229 614-555-0951

To work as a quality control manager with a Fortune 500 company

Job History
Food Packager, Restaurant Factory June 2015 - Present
I package and inspect food products for a prominent packaging company.

Quality Control Intern, True Wholesale January 2015-June 2015
I performed grunt work, getting coffee and making copies for current quality control managers. Learned about the quality control industry.

Customer Service Rep, Best Foods January 2013-October 2014
I talked with customers and handled customer complaints, often trying to resolve them in a way that did not cost the company money.

B.S. in Food Science, Ohio State University
Graduated with a 3.0 GPA.

H.S. Diploma, Columbus High School
Served as student body treasurer

Interests and Hobbies
- Reading about business
- Dominating math and word games
- Attending networking events
Look at the resume. What errors do you notice?

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