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Interview Questions (Grades 11-12)

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Interview Questions

Instructions: When you go into a job interview, there's no telling what kind of questions you'll be asked. However, many interviewers ask some standard questions. Write down your answers to these standard interview questions.

As you answer the questions, consider the following:
Am I being honest?
Am I showing myself in my best light?
Am I pointing out how I'm a good fit for the position?
Am I displaying confidence in myself and my skills?

Your interview answers should be personal. They should help the employer get to know you. They should be fairly short (don't ramble). They should also highlight your best self. Even a negative question, such as "What is your biggest weakness?", can be answered in a way that makes you sound good. For example, "My biggest weakness is being so focused on a project that I have to remind myself when to call it a night."

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