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W.9-10.1 (Grade 9)

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Many state food stamp programs now allow individuals to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at local farmers' markets. This practice supports local farmers and allows individuals who utilize the program to purchase larger amounts of food.

Which piece of evidence best supports the writer's claim?
  1. In some areas, farmers' markets operate year-round.
  2. Eating organic produce comes with significant health benefits.
  3. Fruits and vegetables are often priced lower than at local grocery stores.
  4. State food stamp programs provide incentives to encourage farmers to participate.
While the number of books available digitally continues to increase, nothing beats the feel of holding a book in your hands. Holding a book allows your brain to process the words differently than reading on a screen. As a result, you retain more information and form a stronger connection with the text.

Which concluding statement best follows the argument presented in the paragraph?
  1. Digital books can never replace that connection.
  2. Digital books offer a different reading experience.
  3. Books in every form will continue to excite readers.
  4. Books in multiple forms play a role in the classroom.
Despite the creation of laws against the practice, many smokers continue to throw their cigarette butts outside of the windows of cars. This causes many problems. During dry seasons, those cigarette butts may unintentionally cause wildfires. A single cigarette could end up putting the lives of animals, local residents, and emergency personnel at risk.

Which phrase can the writer use to clarify the relationship between the claim and the support for the claim?
  1. As a result
  2. For example
  3. In rare instances
  4. Under the circumstances
Despite the creation of laws against the practice, many smokers continue to throw their cigarette butts outside of the windows of cars. This causes many problems. During dry seasons, those cigarette butts may unintentionally cause wildfires. A single cigarette could end up putting the lives of animals, local residents, and emergency personnel at risk.

Which would be the best counterclaim for the paragraph above?
  1. Wildfires only affect a small portion of the population.
  2. Three hundred wildfires a year are started by cigarettes.
  3. An discarded cigarette does not have the ability to start a large wildfire.
  4. Many non-smokers regularly engage in activities that could start wildfires.
Smartphones and tablets are causing children to miss out on the joys of childhood. Instead of playing tag and running around outside, they're sitting around and staring at their phones. Instead of using their imaginations, they're playing games that were developed from the imaginations of others. Instead of learning how to handle boredom, they're filling every second with entertainment.

Which of the following statements would best introduce the claim in the previous passage?
  1. Technology has introduced a new type of entertainment.
  2. Children need to step away from the screen and experience the real world.
  3. Smartphones and tablets offer many ways for children to entertain themselves.
  4. Children who lived before the existence of smartphones and tablets had stronger imaginations.
Consumers have embraced the organic market. Not only are organic products considered healthier, but they also rely on farming practices that are more environmentally friendly than standard farming practices. Some consumers shy away from organic products because they're often sold at a higher price point. However, the benefits of the products often outweigh the cost.

Which choice references a counterclaim that is made in the paragraph?
  1. the cost of organic products
  2. the health benefits of organic products
  3. the environmental impact of organic farming
  4. the products grown through organic farming
If you're not driving a hybrid vehicle, you should be. Non-hybrid vehicles typically get around 28 mpg. Hybrid vehicles average 45 mpg. The amount of gas used by hybrid and non-hybrid vehicles also differs significantly. The less gas that is used, the fewer chemicals that are emitted into the atmosphere.

What could the writer do to present a more objective tone?
  1. remove the first sentence
  2. add a quote from an expert
  3. include data related to non-hybrid vehicles
  4. offer a direct comparison of hybrid and non-hybrid vehicles
When using social media, parents should set up programs designed to monitor their teens' social media use. If not used properly, programs such as Snapchat, Kik, and even Instagram can cause problems for teens. By using an encrypted parent portal, parents have the ability to monitor their teens' use of these platforms. Special algorithms and data mining components help parents customize the user interfaces and experiences their teens can interact with, while detailed logistical reports provide parents with information on their teens' activities.

The writer wants to present this argument at a PTA meeting that will be attended by parents of students. What considerations should the writer take into account when presenting this argument?
  1. the level of education of the audience
  2. the economic standing of the audience
  3. the audience's knowledge of technical terms
  4. the audience's knowledge of popular culture
The writer plans to present the following argument to a group of teenagers.

Listen up. If you're thinking about trying out drugs, stop right now. The drugs available to teenagers today include some really messed up stuff. While it may not seem like a big deal to you, even using drugs once can cause you to become addicted for life. Of course, that's if you're lucky enough to get a clean drug. Some of the inexpensive drugs contain chemicals and other ingredients that can cause permanent brain damage. Studies show that one in twenty teens experience a significant loss of short-term memory after only occasional drug use. Posting a photo of yourself with a joint or a bong on Snapchat or Instagram may seem like the cool thing to do, but it's not. Stop and think about what you're doing to your future.

Which element makes the argument most appropriate for teenagers?
  1. its informal tone
  2. its factual evidence
  3. its subjective stance
  4. its reference to social media
Read the paragraph.

Finding a quality babysitter for your child isn't something that should be taken lightly. In many cases, parents are so desperate to hire a babysitter that they hire the first person to offer his/her services. However, they should spend more time vetting a candidate before giving them the okay. After all, parents entrust a babysitter with the well-being of their children. This includes feeding children, interacting with children, and even disciplining children. Before hiring a babysitter, you want to make sure the candidate knows how to take care of a child, and that their ideas about child rearing mesh well with your own.

Which word best helps the reader clarify the relationship between the claim and the reason?
  1. In many cases
  2. However
  3. After all
  4. Before

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